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About the Game

Featuring a unique control method and a visually striking world inhabited by quirky characters made entirely out of clay, Kirby’s eagerly awaited first Wii U adventure, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, includes multiplayer support whereby three friends can hop in and out at any time to assist Kirby, using Wii Remote controllers to play as Waddle Dees.

Release Date: 08 May 2015

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About the Game

About the Game

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush

Draw lines on the touch screen to guide Kirby, who has turned into a round ball, through a clay world that looks just like it has been shaped by hand. As you progress through the game, Kirby will transform into a submarine, a rocket and even a tank. You’ll have to use the abilities of each one to overcome the obstacles in your path!


Dream Land has been drained of all its colour and it’s down to Kirby to bring the colour back by traversing seven planets, defeating enemies and solving puzzles along the way.

  • Make loops, launch Kirby into the air, or protect him from obstacles and enemies. Get creative and see what you and your rainbow lines can do as you navigate Kirby through seven big levels.
  • The intuitive drawing mechanic is a spiritual successor to Kirby: Power Paintbrush for Nintendo DS that builds on the game play and takes it in a new direction.
  • There are tons of items and treasures just waiting to be found on every clay-filled stage. Keep your eyes open and lead Kirby to the prize.


A new four-player multiplayer mode lets one player play as Kirby while the others control a trio of Waddle Dee characters that can collect items or carry Kirby around. Therefore, players can co-operate by allowing a player who has a Wii U GamePad to concentrate on drawing a rainbow line.


In terms of amiibo functionality, the Kirby, King Dedede and Meta Knight amiibo can each be used once a day, per stage, to power up Kirby with special abilities. By tapping a Kirby amiibo to the Wii U GamePad, players receive an unlimited Star Dash within a stage, which otherwise can only be activated by collecting 100 stars. A King Dedede amiibo outfits Kirby with a hat that grants him six health bars instead of the normal four, and the Meta Knight amiibo gives Kirby a mask that lets him use a fast dash that blasts right through weaker enemies.


Product Details

  • Platform: Wii U
  • Release Date: 08/05/2015
  • Category: Action, Platformer
  • Multiplayer Mode: 1-4 Player Simultaneous
  • Age Rating: 3 and over
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: HAL LABORATORY, INC.
  • Languages: English



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Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush - Digital Download

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Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush - Digital Download