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About the Game

Donkey Kong not only launched the career of Mario, but also of the eponymous ape who went on to become a hero himself. Rescue the kidnapped Pauline from DK’s clutches, negotiating increasingly tricky obstacles, and knock that pesky primate off his perch!

This is the NES version of Donkey Kong and is downloadable for Wii U Virtual Console.

Please note: Donkey Kong on Wii U Virtual Console is the US version of the game.

Release Date: 15 July 2013

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About the Game

About the Game

Donkey Kong

Product Details

  • Platform: Wii U Virtual Console
  • Release Date: 15/07/2013
  • Category: Platformer
  • Multiplayer mode: Alternating
  • Players: 1-2
  • Age Rating: 3 and over
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Languages: English



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Donkey Kong - Digital Download

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Donkey Kong - Digital Download