Wii mini

Wii mini


Wii mini offers big fun at a mini price! Packed with a red Wii Remote Plus controller & Nunchuk accessory, Plug it in and play!

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Nintendo's best selling motion controlled games console

Wii mini is our compact and affordably priced edition of the best selling Wii games console. Introduced in 2006, the Wii revolutionised home videogames with the arrival of the Wii Remote, an intuitive method of controlling videogames that anybody can get to grips with in seconds - no matter what their level of videogame experience. With thousands of games available, including a range of Nintendo classics like Wii Sports, Wii Fit and Super Mario Galaxy, Wii mini has something for everyone.

01. Wii mini - A new look for Wii

Wii mini is a fun new design for Wii. Colourful and compact, this affordable Wii model is perfect as a second home console or a child's first gaming system. The attractive red and black console also comes packaged with a red Wii Remote Plus and Red Nunchuk.

02. Wii Remote motion control

Nintendo's much celebrated Wii Remote controller, makes it possible for anyone at all to pick up and play a videogame. You want to swing a tennis racket in Wii Sports? Just swing the Wii Remote? You want to steer Mario around a corner in Mario Kart Wii? Just turn the Wii Remote like a steering wheel. It really is that simple. And now, with the inclusion of Wii Motion Plus technology, the Wii Remote is capable of an even greater degree of control.

03. A wide variety of games

There is a great range of games available to play on Wii to suit a wide range of different tastes. From the family friendly Wii Sports, Wii Fit, to fan favourites like Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid: Other M and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Our new Nintendo Selects range also offers a number of classic Wii titles at budget prices - a perfect complement to the Wii mini.

04. Great multi-player gaming

Wii is designed to bring family and friends together with a range of great multi-player games. Titles like Wii Sports Resort, Wii Party, Mario Kart Wii and many more offer a fun and accessible way for players of all ages to join in together. Extra Wii Remotes sold seperately.

05. Don't forget!

Wii mini plays all Wii games but is not compatible with Wii U games. If you'd like a console that plays both Wii and Wii U games then please see our dedicated Wii U section.