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DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition + Fan Pack

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About the Game

Release date: Friday 13th September 2019

Strap yourself into a fully-customisable Arsenal and prepare for explosive, all-guns-blazing assault in DAEMON X MACHINA, a new breed of mech action game from genre veteran Kenichiro Tsukuda, only on Nintendo Switch.

The DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition contains an 18cm-tall Arsenal statue, a 100-page artbook, a SteelBook and a hangar-style box with a compartment in which the Arsenal statue can be displayed.

When you order the Limited Edition from the Nintendo Official UK Store you will also receive a free exclusive DAEMON X MACHINA Metal Plate (measuring 14x20cm) and CD Soundtrack Selection featuring 5 tracks from

About the Game

About the Game


As one thing falls, another shall rise…

When the moon fell from the sky and rained destruction on the world below, mankind forged a network of powerful machinery, controlled by a sophisticated artificial intelligence, in order to help rebuild all that was lost.

But now, the spread of an energy called Femto has corrupted these once-subservient machines into a dangerous and merciless enemy known as Arms of Immortal, and humanity finds itself in a desperate battle for survival…
Mech mercenaries

In the midst of the chaos, powerful individuals emerge, seeking to harness the power of Femto energy for themselves.

To fulfil their goals they recruit the help of Outers – humans who obtained strange powers from the spread of Femto, finding themselves outcast from society as a result and who now work as guns-for-hire.

As a skilled Outer, pilot your very own weaponised suit known as an Arsenal, lead the fight against the Arms of Immortal, and discover the truth behind the all-consuming war that rages across the land.

Suit up

Mount your Arsenal and vanquish the enemy at all costs in action-packed, objective-based missions. Patrol the skies and unleash hellfire from above with heavy-duty, shoulder-mounted weaponry, or descend to ground level to face enemy combatants in one-on-one melees.

Equipped for anything

Forage stronger armour and tear more devastating weaponry from downed enemies to augment your Arsenal’s capabilities on-the-fly.

A new level of customisation freedom allows you to seamlessly switch up your tactical approach mid-battle, so you always stay one step ahead of your opponents.

You can also upgrade the abilities of your Outer – such as movement speed and jumping ability – and learn entirely new skills, which will all be reflected in the performance of your Arsenal, too.

Anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Don’t let up! Wage the war against the machines wherever you go, thanks to the versatile play modes of Nintendo Switch. Local and online* co-operative multiplayer modes let you team up and take the fight to the enemy, no matter where you are!

Order DAEMON X MACHINA from the Nintendo Official UK Store and you will receive a free exclusive DAEMON X MACHINA Metal Plate (measuring 14x20cm) and the CD Soundtrack Selection which contains 5 tracks from DAEMON X MACHINA, Perfect for fans of the game!

Product Details

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Friday 13th September 2019
  • Category: Action
  • Franchise: DAEMON X MACHINA
  • Players: 1
  • Age Rating: 12
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Marvelous Entertainment
  • Language: TBC


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DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition + Fan Pack

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DAEMON X MACHINA Orbital Limited Edition + Fan Pack