Nintendo Switch Squid Kid Pack

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About the Game

This Star Bundle includes a Nintendo Switch console with Neon Blue / Neon Red Joy-Con Controllers, Splatoon 2, a Nintendo Switch Accessory Set - Splatoon 2 Edition, a Splatoon Enperry Cap, and a Neon Green Inkling Squid Keychain.

The Nintendo Official UK Store offer an extended 2 year warranty on all Nintendo Switch consoles.

Release Date: Late-August 2017           *Payment on dispatch

PEGI Rating

About the Game

Nintendo Switch Squid Kid Pack

The versatile Joy-Con offer multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun. Two Joy-Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as one game controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip. They can also attach to the main console for use in handheld mode, or be shared with friends to enjoy two-player action in supported games. Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, and each includes an accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensor, making independent left and right motion control possible.

Nintendo Switch also contains a number of built-in features that make it more interactive. The left Joy-Con has a Capture Button that players can press to take instant screenshots of gameplay to share with friends on social media. The right Joy-Con includes an NFC touchpoint for interaction with amiibo figures, as well as an IR Motion Camera that can detect the distance, shape and motion of nearby objects in specially designed games. For example, it can tell how far away a player’s hand is, and even if the hand is forming a rock, paper or scissors shape.

Both Joy-Con include advanced HD rumble, which can provide compatible games with subtle vibrations that are much more realistic than before. The effect is so detailed that a player could, for example, feel the vibration of individual ice cubes colliding inside a glass when shaking a Joy-Con. With HD rumble you can experience a level of realism not possible through sights and sounds alone.

Box Contents

  • Console, Neon Blue Joy-Con (L) and Neon Red Joy-Con (R) controllers
  • Joy-Con grip (to which two Joy-Con are attached and used as one controller)
  • Set of Joy-Con Controller Straps (Black)
  • Nintendo Switch dock (which holds the main console and connects it to a TV)
  • HDMI cable
  • AC adapter

Splatoon 2

Ink-splatting action is back and fresher than ever!

Iconic 4 vs. 4 Turf War battles return. The goal is to splat ink on as much territory as possible, while strategically submerging yourself in your team's colours and blasting your enemies. Some familiar characters return under different circumstances, and new characters are introduced as well. Similar to Splatoon for Wii U, updates will roll out post-launch, adding new content.

New dual-wielding Splat Dualies join the action, complete with a new Dodge Roll move. Mainstays like the Splat Roller and Splat Charger have also been remixed to include new gameplay mechanics and brand-new special weapons. Play using the Joy-Con controllers or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, both of which allow for gyro controls for better aiming and control.

In a first for the series, compete in local multiplayer Turf War battles, whether in TV mode or on-the-go in handheld or tabletop modes. You can also compete in frenetic online matches just like before.* An upcoming smart-phone application for the Nintendo Switch system will enhance matchmaking and allow for voice chat options.

Salmon Run, a new four-player co-op mode*, is coming to Splatoon 2! By teaming up with friends, players can take on a part-time job battling the new Salmonid species, which the Squid Research Lab reports might even be more lethal than the Octarians! When players fall in co-op mode, teammates can revive them by inking them on the battlefield.

Product Details

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: 21/07/2017
  • Category: Action, Shooter
  • Franchise: Splatoon
  • Players: 1 - 8
  • Age Rating: PEGI 7
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Languages: English

*Internet connection required during online play. The registration and linkage of Nintendo Account and acceptance of the Nintendo Account Agreement and Privacy Policy are required. Some online services may not be available in all countries. Online play requires paid online subscription.


Splatoon 2 - Nintendo Switch Trailer

Splatoon 2 comes to Nintendo Switch this summer. Play on the TV or in portable mode, and use either the Joy-Con controllers or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Splatoon 2 - Single-Player Trailer

The Splatoon 2 single-player mode takes us to Octo Canyon and Marie needs your help!

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Scores 9.3 out of 10 based on 16 reviews
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9 out of 10


Colchester GB Hardcore Gamer
Joycon tops are a bit annoying to get off, game is fun with plenty to do, case is nice and I feel like my switch is safe in it.

My joycons seem considerably lighter than advertised, blue is more of an aqua colour and the red is more of a peachy orange, it is as if they were left out in the sun and faded. Also the blue joycon came with a grey line mark on it.
Confirmed purchase: 23 August 2017
Published on: 07 September 2017
8 out of 10


Waterlooville GB Hardcore Gamer
I love it thanks
Confirmed purchase: 08 August 2017
Published on: 04 September 2017
7 out of 10


GB Parent of Gamer
Looks really good it's a Christmas present but ordered it now to avoid disappointment my daughter really wants one , so have only looked at it briefly
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Confirmed purchase: 13 August 2017
Published on: 29 August 2017
9 out of 10


GB Parent of Gamer
Very well made I really liked it
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Confirmed purchase: 13 August 2017
Published on: 27 August 2017
10 out of 10


Cardiff GB Casual gaming fan
Great console, some very good titles, Indie, first and third-party, so early on in the consoles life too.
Unfortunately could do with Media-playback features and
a web-browser to compete with the other current-gen consoles.

Backwards compatibility like Sony has some focus on (even if only Digital titles) and something Microsoft has dabbled in, would be nice too.

My particular model has some issues with the Left Bumper (Blue controller) but nothing a use of a Pro-controller can't fix. Syncing controllers to different consoles is extremely easy.

Responsive and accurate motion controls, even better than the Wii's addon/built-in (on later contollers) "pro motion plus" or the Wii U's own motion controls.

Personally; my biggest issue with the Switch is the kick-stand,
Either have a console-wide arm or a second one on the other side,
it's very imbalanced using just the one which is also keen to collapse on itself,
it snaps in place but is very weak about it,
considering the thickness (or lack-thereof) in the one arm anyway.

Another issue is charging & use of the dock,
first off the charging port is on the bottom,
so you can't "trickle-charge" it in desktop mode,
You can't charge it in the dock and play because there's a plastic screen in front of it plus it'll automatically out-put to HDMI over USB-C.

8/10 over-all, Good idea, Great library of games, the implementation could do with minor tweaks to make it competitive and functional.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Confirmed purchase: 08 August 2017
Published on: 23 August 2017
8 out of 10


Manchester GB Mature Gamer
Loving the switch and the three super titles. Mario kart 8 deluxe, Zelda, splatoon. Would love to play splatoon WITH my girlfriend and others online in turf wars on a team or in a clan. Unfortunately it's difficult to team up and chat online. Otherwise go Nintendo go, great stuff 👍
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Confirmed purchase: 08 August 2017
Published on: 23 August 2017

Nintendo Switch Squid Kid Pack

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Nintendo Switch Squid Kid Pack