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About the Game

Play Mario Party 9 with friends and experience all sorts of game modes challenges and enemies that will make everyone want to join in the fun!

Release Date: 02 March 2012

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About the Product

About the Game

Play Mario Party 9 with friends and experience all sorts of game modes, challenges and enemies that will make everyone want to join in the fun!

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The latest instalment in an ever-popular series, Mario Party 9 brings the kind of classic gaming that fans will love, as well as a host of new things to enjoy. There are playable characters from right across the Mushroom Kingdom, so pick one and get involved! You’ll need to think one step ahead of your opponents as you attempt to collect Mini Stars and conquer the evil Bowser. Having stolen all the Mini Stars in the sky, it’s up to you to win them all back and become the Super Star. When you buy Mario Party 9, you can expect 80 brand new mini games that will have you making pizzas, racing snowmobiles and escaping from haunted mansions.

In Party Mode, the Mario Party rule book is rewritten as you’ll play in a board game mode style which lets up to four people move in one vehicle. Take turns as the vehicle’s Captain and hit Dice Blocks to move forward. You’ll need to get lucky in the spaces, find the best routes and positions and try to push your opponents into the tougher spots. Just remember the type of space your vehicle lands on will determine what mini game you play!

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There is also the Boss Battle to enjoy. This brand new mini game gives up to four players the chance to combine their powers to defeat a number of classic Mario bosses together. There are Mini Stars to collect as you go, plus you’ll be working towards a face-to-face battle with the ultimate Super Mario Bros. nemesis himself, Bowser. It may seem like a team game as you defeat the bosses, but you’ll also be competing for rankings as you win Mini Stars and clock up damage on each of the bosses. If you are lucky enough to get in the final blow, you’ll even get a bonus.

As if all that wasn’t enough of an incentive to purchase Mario Party 9, there are lots of other modes available in the game that make it even more challenging. There are mini game modes that let you play without a board, and the chance to hone your skills on individual games in Free Play mode. You can even try the Extras mode which features puzzle-based fun in Castle Clearout and Goomba Bowling! So join your favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters, as well as a few new faces in the world of Mario Party, and get busy! You’ll have a great time playing alone, but if you feel the need to compete or just team up there are loads of multiplayer options to enjoy too! All that’s left to do is decide when you want to have a fantastic Mario party!

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Product Details

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  • Platform: Wii
  • Release Date: 02/03/2012
  • Category: Board Game, Party
  • Multiplayer Mode: Simultaneous
  • Players: 1 - 4
  • Age Rating: 3 and over
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish



Mario Party 9 on Wii


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Mario Party™ 9

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Mario Party™ 9