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Nintendo 3DS XL Blue/Black + Pokémon X Pack

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About the Game

This pack includes a Nintendo 3DS XL Blue/Black console with a pre-installed copy of Pokémon X (Nintendo 3DS XL Blue/Black + Pokémon X Pack), Pokémon Art Academy and a Nintendo 3DS Power Adapter.

Release Date: 25 November 2015

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About the Console

About the Game

The world of Pokémon takes a breath-taking 3D turn in Pokémon Y, an exclusive new entry in the popular series for the Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds.

pokemon xy

Available today to download or buy, Pokémon Y challenges players to visit the mysterious Kalos Region, a strange land that will allow you to take your very first steps into the next evolution of Pokémon, with the chance to choose between three brand new starter Pokémon!


RPG fans will no doubt love the style of play Pokémon Y offers, which sees you start off with a Grass-type Chespin, Fire-type Fennekin or Water-type Froakie Pokémon before really starting your epic adventure. Along the way you’ll discover its special moves and pick up experience in each battle. In turn, this means your Pokémon will grow stronger and eventually evolve.


As usual though, there are plenty of other Pokémon waiting to be discovered as you go along. For this latest release, Pokémon Y brings new characters like Gogoat, a Grass-type Pokémon that’s so large it can in fact carry people upon its back, to the fore. There’s also the latest evolution of Eevee named Sylveon, recently discovered Legendary Pokémon Y and a mysterious Pokémon that's somehow connected to Mewtwo.

So buy or download Pokémon Y today from the Nintendo eShop and see the adventure take on a whole new dimension. The incredible star-shaped Kalos Region environments will come to life right in front of you in fabulous 3D, whether this is the cobbled streets of Lumiose City with its packed shops and huge tower, or its more far-flung wilderness areas.


Product Details


  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date: 25/11/2015
  • Category: Adventure, RPG
  • Age Rating: 7 and over
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: GAME FREAK
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish



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10 out of 10


Bangor GB Hardcore Gamer

I've honestly missed the Nintendo and I'm so happy to finally own one again and play Pokemon! Oh and it already comes with Pokemon X already downloaded
Confirmed purchase: 09 May 2016
Published on: 31 May 2016
10 out of 10


Oldham GB Mature Gamer
Not had any handheld gaming device since the gameboy colour .... The 3DS XL is fantastic, absolutely love it.
Confirmed purchase: 09 March 2016
Published on: 29 March 2016
10 out of 10


GB Mature Gamer
My son loves it
Confirmed purchase: 13 March 2016
Published on: 29 March 2016
10 out of 10


Milton Keynes GB Parent of Gamer
I bought this for my daughter's birthday. She loves it and I have a smaller DS and am thinking of changing. Thoroughly recommend
Confirmed purchase: 11 January 2016
Published on: 08 February 2016
9 out of 10


Gloucester GB Hardcore Gamer
The games for the 3DS XL need to be updated and optimized into HD so that it don't look quite pixilated like to do in some games such as Pokemon, this need to happen because the 3DS have bigger screens, I recommend 720P.

The Pokemon 3DS games need to be optimized for faster performance because when I turn the 3D on the frame rate drops so the image look quite stuttery.

Nintendo handheld consoles are build to last and they are sturdy they can handle water (or any other liquid beverages) being accidentally splashed on them.

It would be good if the 3DS/3DSXL can be able to play Apple Lossless Music Files.

The console is very good I am planning on getting the New Nintendo 3DSXL in Metallic blue when the next black friday sales come around, but it would be good if there was one with a pre installed digital version of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.
Confirmed purchase: 28 November 2015
Published on: 18 January 2016
10 out of 10


minehead GB Casual gaming fan
Nice and tactile, bigger screen lots of fun
Confirmed purchase: 01 December 2015
Published on: 09 January 2016
"The biggest evolution of the Pokémon series"
Digital Spy


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Connects to Nintendo eShop
Packaged with power adapter
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Includes SD memory card 2gb 2gb 4gb
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Nintendo 3DS XL Blue/Black + Pokémon X Pack

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Nintendo 3DS XL Blue/Black + Pokémon X Pack