New Art Academy: Learn New Painting Techniques and Share Your Art - Digital Download

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About the Game

Amaze yourself with your personal art studio and share it with the world in our Online Gallery!

Release Date: 28 July 2012

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About the Game

About the Game

Amaze yourself with your personal art studio and share it with the world in our Online Gallery!

What's New?

  • Did you already enjoy the first Art Academy for Nintendo DS? Then you'll be pleased to know that New Art Academy brings you a brand new artistic experience with all-new content
  • Brand new lessons and mini lessons
  • Introductory and Advanced courses
  • Additional materials - pastels and coloured pencils, as well as new additions to pencil and paint sets
  • Bonus additional lessons that will become available to purchase
  • Create lessons yourself and share with friends and family
  • Share your art locally or via SpotPass
  • Exhibit your art in a 3D gallery
  • Save your pictures to your SD Card and use with Nintendo Letter Box
  • In Free Paint mode, share your work with others and collaborate on a picture!
  • Tap my icon in the Main Menu each day to read useful tips and interesting facts!


In New Art Academy, you can choose from a range of materials to create your masterpiece:

  • Pencil set: Use three grades of pencil (2B, HB, 2H) either pointed, or on the side for shading, to sketch and draw. There are also erasers, charcoal and a white pencil to complete the set.
  • Coloured pencil set: With over 100 different colours to choose from, the world is your oyster with the coloured pencil set. Use them pointed or flat and if you make a mistake, there are two types of eraser to fix your picture.
  • Paints: There are 17 fixed colour paint tubes, but the beauty of paint is that you can mix up an endless variety of further shades - you can have up to 80 available from your palette at any one time. Use the colour matcher to identify a specific colour from a picture or the colour wheel to find complementary shades and hues.
  • There are two types of brush - those with a rounded tip and those with a flat tip. There are three sizes of both types and you can add different amounts of paint and water to your brush to achieve the effect you desire.
  • Pastels: Brand new to Art Academy, there are over 130 different pastels featuring every colour of the rainbow. You can use them in three different ways: use the point for detail work, the edge for graduated effects or the flat side to fill in larger areas.
  • You can test out your strokes or colours on the scratchpad before starting on your real canvas.

Vince is your guide in New Art Academy and he will teach you techniques in a variety of lessons using different materials and source material. After you complete a core lesson, you'll be able to practise your new skills further with additional mini lessons on each topic. Vince will take you through each lesson step-by-step, showing you exactly how to use your paints, pastels or pencils and making sure you grasp each stage thoroughly before moving on... Once you've finished a piece, you can save it to your Portfolio to put in your in-game gallery and share with friends, or straight to your SD Card if you'd like to send it to your PC or use it in Nintendo Letter Box.

Tools and Free Paint mode
There are a number of tools you can use to assist you in your artistic endeavours:

  • Canvas: The basis of any work of art - choose from a whole variety of different textures and grades to give your art a personalised look.
  • Zoom tool: Get up close and personal with your canvas and fill in the finer details of your piece.
  • Grid tool: A classic artist's tool, the grid allows you to compare exact sections of your drawing and the source drawing to make sure your proportions are correct.
  • Subject Image tool: Toggle between your source drawing, your own canvas or Vince's drawing to compare images.
  • Tap the picture of me during a lesson and you can save, start again, and also go to the next or previous step of a lesson.

Custom Lessons
You and your friends and family can also create your own Custom Lessons to share with each other. You can use any material you like - how about a photo taken with your Nintendo 3DS cameras or an image you've saved on your SD Card? You can create up to 10 steps for a Custom Lesson, with each step showing a new stage of your drawing, and add text to explain what you're doing. When you're happy, you can share it with others via SpotPass!

Sharing and Downloads
With New Art Academy you can share your art like never before! You can share:

  • Any picture you've created in Free Paint mode
  • Pictures saved to your Gallery portfolio or on your SD Card
  • Custom Lessons you've created from scratch
  • There are several ways to share your art:
  • SpotPass: Use SpotPass to share your Custom Lessons and pieces of art with other New Art Academy players. They have to be registered on your friends list to receive them.
  • Local communications: Share your Custom Lessons and art locally with friends and family nearby. Make sure you add them to your friends list to be able to do this.

Receive extra content!
The fun doesn't end when you complete the lessons in New Art Academy. For the first time you can now purchase extra lessons from the in-game shop. These lessons will be available after launch and you'll need to make sure you're connected to the Internet in order to purchase them. You can find out more about connecting your Nintendo 3DS system to the Internet here. There will also be special free Custom Lessons available that will be distributed via SpotPass. The first of these will be a special lesson on drawing a Goomba, so keep your eyes peeled after launch! Each add-on lesson will comprise a full lesson and a mini lesson to work on, like in the main game.



New Art Academy on Nintendo 3DS


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New Art Academy: Learn New Painting Techniques and Share Your Art - Digital Download

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New Art Academy: Learn New Painting Techniques and Share Your Art - Digital Download