Ring Fit Adventure

Making Workouts Fun!

Get moving with Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness video game that makes you sweat!

Play Ring Fit Adventure using two new accessories, Ring-Con and Leg-Strap, to precisely measure your real-world actions and turn them into in-game movements. With short mini-games and customisable full-body workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a great escape to play from the comfort and privacy of your own home for all players of all fitness levels.

Ring Fit Adventure

Looking for a more formal workout while you play? You can create customisable workout routines, mixing exercises and minigames to help break a sweat. You can even track your heart rate and calories burned by using the Joy-Con (R)'s (sold separately) built-in IR Motion Camera. This way, you can make sure you're hitting your goals.

Try the Rhythm Game, a unique music-based mode to get your body moving, or select the Jogging Mode in either Custom or Quick Play modes, if you simply want to run through a variety of lush fields when you're not in the mood to take down enemies!

Want to take it further? Take the Ring-Con accessory with an attached Joy-Con controller (sold separately) on its own and press and pull the Ring-Con to gain reps. Then, you can later sync the Ring-Con with your game to convert the stored reps into experience and in-game items for your character. Stay motivated and reap the rewards, both in and out of the game!

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